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[Nov. 7th, 2012|12:52 pm]
Saving People, Places & Memories of the Past


Right, this is an odd question...probably. :)

Please can you recommend medieval event websites/ renfaire events, from or used in the UK because that is where we are (USA-only sites are no use!) where we may be able to list a medieval show?

I'll explain some background so that you hopefully see what I mean with regard to relevance.

Basically, I am secretary and publicist for a small non-profit community theatre company which specialises in newly written/ researched work about the history and legends of our local area. Now we have a huge (our biggest ever) medieval show coming up in January, this isn't a standard theatre show - as in, the actors on a stage and the audience sat in an auditorium. Instead, we have set our show up like a medieval hall, where all the action takes place, with the drama, plus live medieval music, mummers, dancers, gymnasts, and a Royal visit, taking place as part of the show, with the audience being seated as they would have been in a medieval hall as guests. The story is, in fact, a true story.

So, aside from the usual - events websites, theatre websites, local papers and radio, our social networks, posters in local shops, etc etc, we are looking for websites related to things medieval, where we could also post up a link to, or ad for the shows.
Thanks ever so much for any recommendations. :)