Saving the Past

Saving People, Places & Memories of the Past
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Inspired by projects like Holding On and New York by Harvey Wang, we encourage you to go out, with cameras and notepads, and record people, places, and memories of your community before they are lost forever. We hope that nationwide, perhaps worldwide, others will join us and start with one person, one building, and maybe inspire more. If we do not do this now, who will? If not now, when so many are being lost to old age and 'progress', and so many great buildings are being torn down for Big Box stores, why years from now when none are left?

Find people and places that hold special meaning to you, for whatever reason: the men that play shuffleboard in your park, a baker who makes awesome cookies (and tells the best Tall Tales while packaging your purchase), a saddlemaker who still tools leather, your grandfather who served in WWII or your aunt who was a night shift Nurse. ON your way to work or school, look at what you pass by: an old hospital, converted into a hotel? A crumbling house, empty and alone? Why are they what they are now, and why do they catch your eye? What stories do they form in your mind, and what is the actual story behind their bricks and mortar?

Too often, we pass by what makes our towns and our very lives fascinating and different in our rush to our supercenters and coffeeshops. Put on your sneakers and walk a few blocks, instead. Take your camera and wander. Look for WPA or CCC markers, scrounge for initials and dates scratched in sidewalks decades ago. Wonder who made them, and why. Track down the makers.

Save the buildings that are vacant by taking pictures and learning about them. Memorize their names, their functions, honor what importance they once held before being discarded. Sit down and listen to the memories of the people who held jobs no longer held important by our current society: the shoeshiners, the ushers, the bellringers. Ask them about themselves, and about their professions. Write it down. Draw it out. Take their picture. Learn how each and every person is a brick in the foundation of our community, and how slowly, we're losing our base. Enrich your own life by learning and honoring what came before you, and by passing it on.

Capture it, write it, share it, honor it, pass it along.

Save it.